VideoClip – Yuksek – Off the wall by Romain Segaud

Yuksek – “Off the Wall”
Directed by Romain Segaud
Produced by SoLab
Label: Savoir Faire

Enjoy the making of:
DOP : Fabien Benzaquen
Gaffer: Sophian Belgarbi
Electrician: Elyan Charvet
Key Grip: Michel Anglio
Production Designer: Solène Ortoli
Assistants: Juliette Lefèvre, Camille Ortoli
Make up artist: Aurélie Bachoux
Location manager: Rémi Veyrié
Editing: Fabrice Lombard
Color grading: Romain Kunstlinger
Producers: Nicolas Tiry, Edouard Chassaing
Producers assistant: Sylvie Simoes
Design Tshirt “Hate/Love”: Rachel Plefger (PA design/Made in design)
Hands: Marie Julie Debeaulieu, David Gary, Axelle Lagier, Cyril Mesnage, Jana Radovic, Alexandre Zulick
2012 • Savoir Faire / Sounds of Barclay / Universal


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