ADV – AJIQ, Ubisoft Annual Convention Opening

Made with over 500 folded sheets of paper and 2 photo shoots, this viral video is made to inform people of the poor work conditions independant journalists have in Quebec.
1. Layout created in Indesign,
2. Shoot and integration of the “evil hands” (the black and white ones)
3. Import footage and layout in After Effects
4. Export 550 frames from After Effects
5. Printed and folded 550 sheets of paper in a newspaper format
6. Final stop motion photo shoot
Created and Directed by Soulgrafix
D.O.P: Dan Popa
Music: Nookaad
Special thanks to Robert Quinn

A opening animation I created with the amazing guys at Parafilms and Playmind for Ubisoft’s Annual Conference in Montreal
Directed by: Soulgrafix & Noe Sardet
Creative Direction: Emmanuel Sevigny
Concept & Art Direction: Soulgrafix & Noe Sardet
Pre-Production: Noe Sardet
Assembly and Post-Production: Soulgrafix



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