ADV – Census “Community”

More information:
U.S. 2010 Census “Community” Project Credits
Title: Census “Community”
Length: :30
Debut date: 1/18/10
Film locations/studios: Gary’s Loft, Brooklyn, NY.
Client: U.S. Census Bureau
COTR Branch Chief: Kendall Johnson
Program Analyst: Angelia Banks
Hispanic Communications Consultant: Rafael Ignacio Maldonado
Advertising Agency: GlobalHue Latino
Creative Director: Amany Mroueh
Assoc. CD: Felipe Godinez
Senior Copywriter: Gerard Garolera
Executive Producer: Rosa Matos
Director: Shilo
Production Company: Shilo
Creative Director: Jose Gomez
Associate CD: Mike Slane
Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic
Senior Producer: Hilary Wright
Line Producer: John Gomez
Coordinator: Brittany Geber
Editors: Adam Bluming, Akira Chan
3D Lead: Blake Guest
3D Model/Animation: Blake Guest, Trentity De Witt, Zach Christian, Mason Stapleton, Colin Cromwell
3D Lighting/Rendering: Erik Anderson, Walter Schulz
Compositing: Mike Slane, Ed Laag
Rotoscoping/3D Tracking: Tim Turner, Nathan Davies
Telecine Company: Company 3
Colorist: Dave Hussey
Music Company: Face The Music, Bicoastal
Composer: Face The Music
Executive Producer: Adam Joseph
Audio Mix: Penny Lane Studios
Engineer: Robert Sorrentino
Producer: Jackie Sparks
Principal Talent: Brianna Gonzalez



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